Jeep Brand Custom Order Consulting

Imagining yourself in a new Wrangler or Gladiator isn’t difficult. Custom ordering one shouldn’t be either. Trail Badge Adventures helps navigate model selection, factory and aftermarket option packages, and facilitates no-haggle, competitive pricing with select dealers for your new Wrangler or Gladiator custom order.


From mall-crawler to rock-crawler, we’ve got you covered.

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About the Team

Why hire a Jeep Consultant?

With more than 25 years in the auto industry, we will save you time, money, and frustration with your order! The independent Jeep Consultants at Trail Badge Adventures work directly for you.


We handle all communication and negotiate pricing with the dealer on your behalf.


We have secured Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator pricing at 10% under MSRP and 5-6% under invoice or better!


Trail Badge Adventures can secure pricing on your perfect build, assist with your order paperwork, and coordinate shipping logistics (if necessary) on your custom order.

Before serving as Jeep Consultants, we have worked as salespeople, corporate training specialists, and aftermarket product consultants for the brand.

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  • Detailed Order Guide Consult

  • Consult with Dealer Locate

  • Full Consult with Paperwork Review

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  • Russell B.

    Trail Badge Adventures helped connect me with a dealer, get a great deal, and I feel confident that I ordered the perfect Jeep for me!

  • Nellie G.

    After speaking with the team, I was no longer intimidated by “What Jeep and Mods do I want?” His experience and knowledge helped clarify exactly what I was looking for and made the selection process fun.


  • Carl B.

    I felt like my consultant was working directly for me! They shopped dealers in my area and secured a below invoice deal before I even spoke to the dealer. 10/10 would recommend.