View from Schnebly Hill Vista.Badge of Honor Ranking: 2 through 5

Badge of Honor Difficulty Rating: 2 – 5

Trail Badge Adventures Rating: 2

Duration: 2-3 hours, 11.4 miles

Recommended Gear/Equipment: Tire deflator and air compressor


Schnebly Hill Road is a popular destination for those visiting Sedona, AZ. What was once the main wagon route from Flagstaff to Sedona, Schnebly Hill Road currently provides opportunities for off-highway driving, hiking, camping, and sightseeing within the Coconino National Forest. Amateur and professional photographers alike will be amazed with the views from the Schnebly Hill Vista Overlook. Red rock buttes, lush forest, and amazing mountain views provide a nice backdrop for lunch or a few selfies. Merry-Go-Round Rock, one of the fastest growing destinations in Sedona, is best viewed from Schnebly Hill Road. While not easily accessible by car, the amazing views are no secret anymore. Don’t be surprised if you pass by a wedding in progress! While the vista is only about 5 miles from the trailhead on the Sedona side, the trip there is quite rocky and is best made at a leisurely pace.

Some of the rocky road, and beautiful scenery, you’ll encounter.

Making the Drive

The Badge of Honor program currently rates Schnebly Hill Trail as a 2-5 out of 10. We lean toward the easier side of the scale (2 out of 10) if you’re in a proper vehicle. While this isn’t a difficult trail, the Forest Service does recommend a high clearance 4×4 vehicle for this trail. Experienced offoaders that are comfortable choosing their lines may do fine with a less capable vehicle, but it isn’t recommended. Any Trail Rated Jeep can conquer this trail with ease, however! Because some spots are downright rocky and can be pretty bumpy, I’d recommend airing down your tires at the trailhead. Airing down the tires will provide a much smoother ride and give you a little more traction when needed.

If you’re leery of making this your first mountain drive, you’ll be pleased to know the road is wide enough for vehicles to pass each other comfortably. There are several scenic overlooks available for quick pit stops as well if you need a short break. Schnebly Hill Road is well trafficked and is also a popular drive for the Pink Jeep Tours. If you’re traveling through Sedona in a passenger car, or still not comfortable driving yourself, a Pink Jeep Tour is a great way to soak up the amazing scenery without having to concentrate on driving. 


  1. Schnebly Hill Road Entrance Sign: 34.911999,-111.643233
  2. Parking Area: 34.865958, -111.7486997 (Great spot to air down your tires or purchase a Red Rock Pass for camping or hiking).
  3. Merry-Go-Round Rock (aka Carousel Rock): Merry-Go-Round Rock
  4. Schnebly Hill Vista Overlook: 34.865411,-111.753603
  5. Foxboro Lake: 34.8979996, -111.6688973
  6. Entrance from I-17: 34.91206, -111.64307

The above waypoints are numbered as if driving East from Sedona to Interstate 17. If driving into Sedona from the East, simply follow the waypoints in reverse order.



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